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Oxford Lacrosse does not endorse anyone club team over the other. Please decide as a family if a club and which club is best for your player.

If you want to hit the tournaments next summer, you need to plan NOW…..Tryouts are just around the corner. (Some tryouts start mid August so if you are interested go to their websites and check the dates now) There is a possibility of jumping on a team later in the year but if the roster is full, they shut down registration and you have to wait until next year.

Playing Summer Travel/Club Lacrosse requires you to do some homework: 


  • It is up to you to confirm the dates and times on the web sites as they may change over the next month or so.  
  • The programs are more expensive than our spring league.  You need to decide for yourselves if this is something that will benefit your player.  If anything, they will learn from new coaches and players and enjoy playing an extra 10-16 games in the summer.
  • Higher level players desiring to play in high school and beyond often play summer lacrosse to continue work on and improve their lacrosse skills.


  • Here are a few questions you may want to have in mind when looking through the various websites to determine which team tryouts you will attend:


  1. When are tryouts?
  2. Are there tryout fees?
  3. Where are tryouts, and eventually practices, located and who will be coaching my player? Make sure your potential coaches know how to coach youth players. Just because a player was an All-American in college does not mean he is fit to coach youth players.
  4. What is the total cost?
  5. Are there extra uniform or equipment fees?
  6. How many practices do they hold? Value can be determined here. If you are looking for mainly games, fine, but if you are looking for an environment where the players learn you may want to search a team that practices an equal number of times as the games they play or at least close to it.
  7. Are teams grade based (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade teams [which may be designated by High School graduation year such as 2019, 2023, etc]) or age group based (U-11, U-13 and U-15)?  Age group based means older “group age” players and younger players may be on the same team.
  8. What is the team “level” of play – AA, A, A/B. Summer travel teams typically play at the higher levels of play, although some specific tournaments and clubs may offer B and C divisions.
  9. What level will the team play this summer? Once you get past June, most tournaments are filled with just travel teams. If you end up in top tournaments in MD, PA, NJ, NY, you may see some of the top club teams and top players in the country. The Coach’s evaluation of your team and proper placement can be a factor in your son’s enjoyment. They should have a plan and as a parent, you should be realistic as to where you son belongs as well.
  10. How many players are on a team? Generally they will need more than a typical Oxford team b/c there are multiple games per day in the summer and players get tired but more than 20 can lessen your son’s experience.
  11. What is their policy on play time? Most club teams play better players most and even though you made the team, you may not play at all during a game. 
  12. How many tournaments do they offer?
  13. Are they overnight two day tournaments (additional hotel expenses) or single day tournaments?
  14. Are there any additional services provided by the organization? Skills sessions geared to specific positions?